Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

The above picture is what Easter eggs turn out like when you don't take the time to properly read the package instructions and/or misunderstand the instructions you did manage to read. 

The eggs looked so bad and it was clear things weren't working out almost from the get-go that I ended up putting everything aside to dry while I hurriedly cut out construction paper eggs for the boys to decorate with stickers instead. When I got back to the real eggs later they had already dried and I decided they looked interesting at least, so I put them in a bowl and was surprised to discover that together they looked strangely pretty, so I took a picture.

Yesterday and part of Friday was spent baking up some Easter treats. I was planning to serve up the cupcakes for dessert last night, but the boys were so wired during and after supper I didn't want to chance giving them a sugar load.

Which meant these cookies were off limits also:

I didn't want to be a complete Scrooge though, and I had a few leftover animal cracker spice cookies that didn't make it into the bags designated for the boys' Easter baskets this morning, so I offered up the plate and let them choose 2 apiece. 

Seth picked a giraffe both times because he really likes giraffes I guess. It's the smallest of the cookies though. The first time Nate picked a lion, but got wise on the second pass and chose the elephant instead since it's the biggest cookie by far. I got a kick out of their different approaches and watching Nate's hand hovering over that lion before making a quick grab for the largest cookie instead. 

Oh, and somewhere in between the botched egg dyeing and baking I printed up some OP style clues for our Easter hunt this morning and trimmed several dozen bunny feet.

We had lots of fun today and the bunny feet were such a big hit that it instantly made all that tedious trimming worth it. Stay tuned for lots of Easter cuteness coming up in the next post!

- L.

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